Hello, my name is Grace, a 12 year old visually impared child, who lives in the South East of England. I’m an adopted child from the North of China. My parents adopted me when I was two years old nearly three.

Being blind has never been a real problem for me. My parents lived with me in the USA when I was adopted. We live there until June 2015 as my parents thought it was time to go to England as that was where my parents were from originally. Since then we’ve been living In England and we don’t plan to move away anytime soon.

My Family

I have four members in our family. I have a mum called Margaret, she is currently a very good teacher, I have a dad called Mike who is a phynominal vicar. I also have a sister called Ella. She is 14 years old, she is turning fifteen on the 6th September. We adopted Ella, my sister, in 2012 from the South of China. I was only four years old back then so my mum went with a friend to pick Ella up from China. I was so pleased to see her. I think we complement each other even though we have totally different personalities.

Dotty Cards Business

About last year I had an idea. I had noticed that every year I had received cards from friends and family, I couldn’t read them as I use braille. I realised that other people might be having the same trouble as well. I thought to myself that I needed to do something. This is where I got the idea of Dotty Cards.

I decided to make my own business. I would manage, make a website and make products even though I’m only 12 years old. Nothing could hold me back and I was full of determination. I talked to my parents about it and my dad registered a domain name for me. It was only until this year when I started creating this website and buy all required things to make my cards.