Today’s family update

My sister, dad and I went to Lego Land in Windsor today. We had so much fun. We went on different rides which were so very satisfying. My mum stayed at home as she is writing a book.

My mum is writing a book on enbodied learning. I’m very pleased for her. I’m helping mum to think of some good ideas for her to include.

My big idea

This evening my mum was reading me her first chapter and she was trying to mention that you need to work your brain in a different way by moving not just writing and reading sitting in your chair. I told her this-

You must move your muscles to make them stronger and for them to grow. For example, in PE you must excercise both the back and front of your leg. I imagine our brains as being exactly the same as your legs even though they aren’t a muscle. You should use your brain in different ways to help each section of your brain to work as much as each other. This means that when you are reading and writing you can’t be using your creative side of your brain as much as the logical side of your brain which doesn’t help it to grow in knowledge.

Also when you are moving and actually representing something with your body, it will be much more memorable to your brain as when you try and read and remember information, after a while you forget about 90 percent of that information. Being creative and moving there for would help you to remember key information.


I went back to school last month. It felt very weird to be back after six months of home schooling. We have to wear masks whilst travelling around school and we are alocated specific areas to go to. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed it so far although I do sometimes get anxious about social distancing as I can’t see where different people are.