Our Cards

We have a wide selection of cards for you to choose from. We have cards to suit any occasion.

How are the greeting cards made?

All greeting cards are made personalised. You can customise your card to say anything you want the recipient to receive. Customisation doesn’t cost any extra money and will make your recipient feel especially loved or feel cared for. All cards can be brailled or in large print. You can choose braille or large print from the menu options in our store.

Why did we decide to sell braille and large print greeting cards?

We decided to sell large print and braille cards so that blind and visually impaired people can still read and enjoy messages from their friends and family. Also, if you know anyone who is interested in how braille looks and feels like, you can buy them a greeting card as print will be displayed on the other side of the card if repuested via email and immediately after purchase.


If you select braille and the recipient can not read braille, we can put print on the other side of the card for you. After you have placed your order just email us and request print as well as braille. Please quote your order number.

How do I place an order?

Placing an order using our online store is very simple. Firstly add the items you want to purchase into the cart. You will then be asked to pay. If you have not previously bought anything with us before, you will be asked to give your name, postal address and email address. All your information will stay confidential and you can email us if you want your account to be deleted. You can then choose your payment method. Once the transaction is complete, a message will pop up telling you that you have recieved an email from us and you should reply as soon as posible to us with what you would like in your greeting cards. We will send you a confirmation email when your order has been shipped. Please note that you will have to customise your cards after purchase.

Why don’t you purchase a specially made card today from our online store.